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Our Mission

To support, encourage, and assist in the development of mutually beneficial relationships between veterans and dogs.


Helping Vets

We know that combat veterans suffering from physical or emotional pains of war are helped by many different things: counseling, medication, alternative therapies like meditation and yoga, and even by such things as scuba diving. Animals, especially dogs, also play a therapeutic role with veterans. Dogs help to meet veterans’ needs for safety, a sense of calm, and companionship.

Who We Help

HAVEN helps veterans with service connected PTSD and survivors of Military Sexual Trauma. Veterans who are eligible must either be currently in treatment or proof of recently completed treatment, and have received a referral from the appropriate provider at VA.
HAVEN does not provide dogs to Vets.
A strong commitment to the training is required as it may take at least a year to complete training.

How We Help

Veterans involved in the HAVEN training program teach their dogs behaviors like retrieving, as well as tasks needed for the veterans’ specific disabilities such as alerting behaviors, leading to safety, and watching their backs.
All programs at HAVEN use Positive Reinforcement Training (PRT): a force free training method that allows the dog to become a more willing and eager learner. The training becomes a shared experience, leading to a strong bond of trust between the dog and the veteran. Training is less stressful and thus more enjoyable for both the veteran and the dog.

Where We Help

We service the Greater Milwaukee area and surrounding counties. Please contact us for any further information.

HAVEN's Story

HAVEN was co-founded in 2014 by Linda Bobot, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Linda has 20 years experience in Service Dog training, training owners to train their own Service Dog.
“After witnessing an extremely touching encounter involving several Marines and one dog at Camp Pendleton. I realized I wanted to find a way to get Veterans and dogs together.
HAVEN became a reality because the right people showed up at the right time.”

HAVEN is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.